I offer Counselling underpinned by the Person Centred ethos, this means that you are at the centre of YOUR session, once the necessary paperwork has been completed in the first session you will decide what to bring to each session, each session will last 50 minutes and I will work alongside you to find your own solution to your issues. I may suggests strategies and techniques but I will not offer advice. I can incorporate techniques from Solution Focused Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy plus Play and Creative therapy if you feel this may help in your journey.

I am not restricted by the number of sessions offered and we can work collaboratively, at your pace, no matter how many sessions it takes. We will mutually decide when counselling has given you everything you feel you have needed and when it is time to end. This means that we can go deeper into issues if necessary and work through them thoroughly and other issues can be brought into sessions if needed. You will not feel rushed or restricted by what you discuss.

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