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Hi I am Ken (He/Him). I am an accredited registrant member of the National Councelling and Psychopherapy Society (NCPS)

Specialising in GSRD (Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity), LGBTQIA+ Issues, Men’s Mental Health, Bereavement, Suicide, and Couples. Working Face to Face in Burnley Lancashire or Online.

LGBTQIA+ Clients: I have a keen interest in and focus on working with Trans and non-binary clients and offer a safe space to members of this community. I understand the Transition process, fears, worries and other issues such as body dysmorphia that often come with being Trans.

I have supported individuals and various couples dynamics within the LGBTQIA+ community with issues  including self-identity; I understand the different pronouns, terminology and subsections that people associate with. Issues around coming out to family and friends; and social stigma.

In my couples work I have supported clients  with communication issues, relationship breakdown and also negotiating diverse relationship needs,  and agreed  boundaries within your relationships recognising each relationship is different with different wants, needs and rules.

I can also support you with issues not connected to your LGBTQIA+ Status.

Bereavement and Suicide:   I understand the complexities of loss and change when someone loses a loved one. Understanding, often it can be hard imagining a future without them. Working together, I will support you to a state of living your ‘new normal’. I also understand those complex unanswered questions you may have after someone has taken their own life. Could I have stopped it? Why did this happen? We can work through these together.

Men’s Mental Health including Domestic Violence:  I recognise that for men to reach out and express how they feel is often very hard, stigma, worry of being judged and feeling not ‘like a man’ are regular issues that I support with. I especially support male victms of Domestic Violence who may feel isolated or not believed.  Supporting you to understand it is not your fault.

Other Issues: I also support clients presenting with many varied different issues and concerns.

Prior to being a counsellor I spent 20 years as a support worker of autistic adults and learning disabilities in their own homes and latterly in a day centre setting, promoting clients choices, dignity and rights using different techniques to allow the clients to communicate effectively. Thus I understand neurodivergence and social and communication issues some clients may experience.

With this in mind I am neuro-diverse affirmative and can adapt my sessions accordingly to meet your needs.

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