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Hi I am Ken (He/Him).

Specialising in LGBTQIA+ Issues, Men’s Mental Health, Bereavement, Suicide, and Couples

Kenneth Barker-Graham Counselling

I spent a year with the LGBT Foundation and in my private practice I have supported clients with issues including, Self-identity;- I understand the different pronouns, terminology and subsections that people associate with. Also worries and fears of coming out to family and friends; and social stigma of being LGBTQIA+ and fears and worries of transitioning and gender identity.

In my couples work clients have negotiated diverse relationship needs, different types of relationships, working with setting boundaries of expectations and communication issues.

Couples have learnt to better understand each other’s needs and wants, find  better ways to communicate and a sense of how to move forward.

Individual clients have achieved a better understanding of themselves, increased their self worth and have become their true selves.

I am passionate about supporting Men’s mental health especially those who are victims of Domestic violence to work through their own internalised stigma, worries, and self worth around such events, talking through the feelings around the home situation and changes in circumstances that go with them.

I also support clients who are pre or post bereaved having spent time in 2 hospices as a counsellor. I understand the complexities of loss and change when someone loses a loved one. Understanding, often it can be hard imagining a future without them. Working together, I will support you to be able to live with your ‘new normal’. Overcoming anger, shame and guilt feelings often associated with bereavement.

I also support clients bereaved by Suicide and I have co-ran a suicide support group for families of those who took their lives. I understand the unanswered questions families may have and I can support you after such a tragic event.

Prior to being a counsellor I spent 20 years as a support worker of autistic adults and learning disabilities in their own homes and latterly in a day centre setting, promoting clients choices, dignity and rights using different techniques to allow the clients to communicate effectively. Thus I understand neurodivergence and social and communication issues some clients may experience.

With this in mind I am neuro-diverse affirmative and can adapt my sessions accordingly to meet your needs.

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Kind words from previous clients…

Really good service. Really nice guy. Some good suggestions and really good results. Thank you genuinely


Thank you for everything you have done for me, you have helped me to turn my life around and i’m eternally grateful, I can’t thank you enough.


I can’t thank you enough for the sessions we had! My life is quite different now – thank you. Our sessions helped me to get here.


Ken was extremely easy to communicate with, warm yet professional and easy to build an authentic and trusting relationship with. He has been extremely helpful and I can’t recommend him enough.


Thank You. Our visits have been a surprisingly pleasant experience.


Ken was brilliant from the very first moment. He was intuitive and able to read between the lines of the words we said to understand the dynamics at play.